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From Vietnam to Bondi - Bar Pho's Bone Broth

In the bustling streets of Vietnam, amidst the aromatic symphony of herbs and spices, lies a dish that embodies the essence of Vietnamese culture: Pho. This iconic noodle soup has woven itself into the fabric of daily life, serving as a comforting staple for generations.

Pho's origins are steeped in history, tracing back to the early 20th century in northern Vietnam. It is said to have evolved from a combination of Chinese and French culinary influences, reflecting Vietnam's rich tapestry of cultural heritage. Each region of Vietnam has its own unique interpretation of Pho, with variations in broth, noodles, and toppings that reflect the local flavours and traditions.

At Bar Pho, we pay homage to this storied tradition with our signature bone broth Pho. For our founder, Tina Do, crafting the perfect Pho broth has been a labour of love. Inspired by her Vietnamese roots and driven by a desire to offer a cleaner, more nutritious option for her family and customers, Tina embarked on a mission to perfect her bone broth recipe.

Before, during pregnancy, and after becoming a mother, Tina's focus remained unwavering – to provide nourishing, wholesome meals for her loved ones. As she honed her bone broth recipe, Tina found that not only did it satisfy her own cravings for a hearty, flavourful meal, but it also resonated with her community.

During the challenging times of Covid lockdowns, Tina noticed a surge in demand for her bone broth from locals seeking comfort and nourishment. As a mother herself, Tina connected deeply with other parents who appreciated the wholesome goodness of her broth, especially for their young children. Many shared stories of how Bar Pho's bone broth not only delighted their children's taste buds but also helped them become more adventurous eaters, fostering an appreciation for Asian cuisines.

While Bar Pho's menu doesn't specifically focus on excluding MSG, Tina's naturally driven approach to creating a nourishing bone broth has inadvertently provided a healthier alternative that leaves customers feeling satisfied and energised.

As you slurp down a steaming bowl of Pho at Bar Pho, know that you're not just tasting a dish – you're savouring a piece of Vietnam's culinary heritage, lovingly crafted by Tina and shared with warmth and generosity. Join us on this journey of flavour and tradition, one bowl of Pho at a time.

Walk-ins are welcome, we are open every day.

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Bar Pho is located right on Bondi Beach and close to:

Bondi Junction, Bondi North, North Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte, Waverley, Dover Heights, Rose Bay, Bellevue Hill, Double Bay


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